Description of the painting by Thomas Gainsborough Portrait of Sarah Siddons

Description of the painting by Thomas Gainsborough Portrait of Sarah Siddons

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“Portrait of Sarah Siddons” is the work of the famous British landscape painter Thomas Gainsborough, dating from 1785 and performed in the Rococo genre. The painting depicts the extremely popular and famous theater actress Sarah Siddons in the second half of the 18th century, an example of which clearly shows that the act of the possibility of changing one's fate is not bestowed from above, but is in the hands of the person himself.

If you look at the canvas, you can see that Gainsborough captured a charming theater diva sitting in an armchair, upholstered in red, blood-like fabric. It is interesting that this color was not chosen by chance: on the one hand, furniture drapery perfectly shades and contrasts with Sarah's blue, sky-blue dress, which, in turn, makes the viewer feel the fragility and inconsistency of the situation, and on the other, it only emphasizes the blue color , which was the author’s favorite color.

Sweet and charming, dressed in clothes of delicate color, Sarah at first glance seems harmless and defenseless. But this impression is deceptive, and the red colors of the chair on which she, as if on a royal throne, rises above the theatrical world of the British kingdom, clearly emphasize this fact. Everything indicates that this woman, in case of great need, is ready and for the sake of realizing her aspirations she is ready to go all the way, and possibly even on her head.

The pose of the actress is also important: Gainsborough portrayed her even in an orderly, but very relaxed pose, which allows the viewer to contemplate the heroine of the work in half a turn. From this angle, an elegant profile is clearly visible, in which, with some attention, you can see some predatory features.

Sarah's head is decorated with a small black hat with a feather sitting on it, however, no worse than any gilded crown. The yellowish scarf goes well with brown tones with furs, and the sparkling gaze of deep dark eyes as if informs: "Yes, I am who I am and who I have achieved, I owe only and only to myself."

Such words are more than justified, because Sarah Siddons really made herself, as they say, her own works. The daughter of a farce-maker, one of twelve children in a noisy and constantly needy family, Sarah, partly due to her talent, and partly to her zeal and assertiveness, eventually became one of the most important and popular actresses of her time, which was worshiped by famous writers and longed to perpetuate on her the canvases are the most prominent artists of those years.

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