Description of the painting by Fernand Leger “Smokers”

Description of the painting by Fernand Leger “Smokers”

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Fernand Leger became famous as one of the pioneers of a new direction in art - cubism. It is after meeting with members of the Golden Section society that the artist completely abandons traditional painting, turning to the complex language of geometric three-dimensional figures. From the color scheme, he chooses a calm gray tone in all kinds of shades. One of the first experiences in creating a work of art in a new manner was the painting "Smokers."

The picture is saturated with elements that will subsequently become basic for the artist: the forms are divided, the arms are large, of unnatural size. The work calls the characters, but they are present on the canvas in a “disassembled” form. People are not visible - their presence is indicated. The eyes are outside the face, the hands are disproportionate in size, the shape of the figures is missing. Faces barely peep through the surrounding haze, read only in hints. It is impossible to read facial expressions - feelings, emotions do not occupy the artist. His main task is to show the world transformed, changed, to convey its fragility and unsteady balance.

Small houses with colored roofs, green ovals of tree crowns, air, sky are all shrouded in puffs of tobacco smoke. Gray clubs fill the space of the picture so densely that, it seems - a little more, and the viewer will feel a characteristic tobacco smell in reality. Smokers changed the world around.

The picture is interesting in that it takes time and a special look, free from artistic conventions, to understand what is depicted. It is necessary to consider the canvas from different points, then approaching, then moving away from the work. The works of Fernand Leger captivate the viewer with his unusual vision of the surrounding space, with a subtle ability to show the world “from above”, without looking back at the usual patterns and pictures.

Creativity of the master always caused a lot of controversy and active polemic, however, this is probably the true art.

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