Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “George the Victorious”

Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “George the Victorious”

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Valentin Serov was an outstanding animal master. Most of the attention in his works he paid to the image of horses. We can see these animals in almost all the paintings of the great Russian artist. Despite the fact that the work is called "George the Victorious," the main acting figure is the horse.

The first thing we see when looking at the picture is the formidable, powerful figure of a horse. Serov deliberately muffles, darkens the background of the work, making it almost black. Against the background it is darkness, like a thunder in the middle of a clear sky a furious animal bursts in. Serov depicts a horse in white to emphasize its exclusivity, thoroughbred. It seems that literally in a second the horse will stand on its hind legs and will hit the snake with its hooves. The figure of the horse is very dynamic, factual. Large, sharp brush strokes of the master give the animal special relief.

Horseback depicts George the Victorious. It is surprising that the artist depicted a human figure almost imperceptible - it merges with a black background. We can see the massive dark armor on the man’s body. On his head is a bizarre-shaped helmet made of pure gold. It is worth noting that Serov depicts a luminous halo above the head of a person, which always correlates with icon painting. But the master goes far from the canons of writing icons. The picture shows aggression, movement and dynamics, which is uncharacteristic of the depiction of saints, especially on icons.

At the bottom of the work is a snake. Some sources also say that George the Victorious did not fight with a snake, but with a huge dragon. The beast is depicted in dark colors, almost merges with the night haze. George swung and spear pierced the wriggling body of the monster. The spear the artist depicted in red. Near the snake lies a human skull.

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