Description of the painting by Nicholas Roerich “Order of the Teacher”

Description of the painting by Nicholas Roerich “Order of the Teacher”

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Nicholas Roerich was a very talented artist who tirelessly painted. On his very last day, he worked precisely on the painting “Teacher’s Order”. Earlier, in 1927, Roerich had already written the work “Teacher's Decree”, but after 20 years the master rethought what he had written and changed the original version.

Roerich, at the time of writing, was not in Altai for more than 20 years. But the native land attracted the artist. He missed his homeland and always considered himself an exclusively Russian creator. He embodied his love for Russia in this work.

In this picture we see the Altai landscape. The canvas seems to be divided into two equal parts. High mountains are located on both sides, and a small mountain river separates them. Still, the water sharpens the stone, so this shallow rivulet was able to break its way through these stone giants.

In the foreground, mountains are also depicted. They are lower than those in the distance, but they have their own peculiarity. On a small ledge is a young man. He is wearing traditional monastic clothing that covers his left shoulder. The monk sits in the lotus position, his head slightly tilted to the right. It seems like he is writing something.

A little higher, a bird is depicted above the head of the monk. This is a white mountain eagle. It is no coincidence that he is present at this work. This bird brings the good news to the monk. The teacher, the spiritual mentor of this young monk, sent an eagle to tell a great secret. All the works of Nicholas Roerich are saturated with symbolism. The white mountain eagle is a symbol of good news, a symbol of enlightenment, good. He will fly to this world to give people peace.

When drawing mountains, the wizard uses soft smooth lines. There are no sharp bends that are familiar to rocks. This manner of writing creates the effect of buoyancy, instability of the Altai Mountains.

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