Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Haystacks. Preobrazhenskoe

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Haystacks. Preobrazhenskoe

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Each picture of Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin is full of love for his native land and nature, its infinite beauty and grandeur. A careful drawing of all the details of a work of art is characteristic of this author. Thanks to this, the realism of his work is not in doubt.

The painting depicts a landscape painted on a nice warm day. The most remarkable elements of the canvas are haystacks, neatly folded and placed next to each other. Light, almost yellow grass has barely noticeable orange and green spots, the shadow of haystacks smoothly lays on the surface of mowed grass. The field on the right side of the picture is cut by a barely noticeable path framed by short growing grass.

A path leads into the thicket, presented in the form of various trees. Closer to the trees you can see a small neat fence made of wood beams. It becomes obvious that people working in the field carry out their work conscientiously and with soul; their hearts are filled with love and devotion to their native land.

The depth of the forest is given through the use of dark shades, concentrated in places of increased density of planted trees. The tops of plants are consecrated by the rays of the sun. The sky above the field is clear, but filled with a large number of grayish clouds. Clouds shimmer in gray, blue and even orange. In the central part of the picture, you can distinguish light silhouettes of trees located much further than the main elements of the exposure: their crowns are almost blue, and a duet of this shade with a clear sky creates an amazing effect. The canvas evokes a feeling of admiration for the beauty of nature, its harmony, originality and grandeur.

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