Description of the painting by Jean-Baptiste Grease "The Punished Son"

Description of the painting by Jean-Baptiste Grease

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Painting Punished son - the embodiment of the artistic skill of its author, but also her edification. Jean-Baptiste Dreams depicted a complex family conflict. We are witnessing the sad experiences of a family that has just lost its head. The viewer is involved in that pile of emotions experienced by the relatives of the deceased. The unbearable sadness and confusion of adults is combined with the curiosity and fear of children. The portrait of each character is drawn to the smallest detail, exposing the entire palette of feelings. The poses of the participants in the picture are inherent in some theatricality. But this hyperbolization is necessary to enhance the drama and expression of the instructive meaning of the picture.

The experiences of women and younger family members are deep and unbearable. But they cannot be compared with the grief falling on the shoulders of a inconsolable young man. He just entered the room. By the backpack behind him, you can recognize the prodigal son in this person, who once left his father's house and returned to receive parental forgiveness.

The picture makes a reference to the famous biblical story, but offers a different ending. The father did not wait for his son to obey; he returned too late. The young man is now unable to bear the grief that has fallen on him, mixed with guilt. This is indicated by the hunched pose and gestures of the hero.

The moral of the picture is expressed through the image of the mother. She looks at her son with reproach and pity and points to her father's bed. You need to value and protect your family and friends, because any day can be the last. It is necessary to respect the parents and ask for forgiveness on time if you are guilty. The prodigal son realized this too late. Life taught him a cruel, but fair lesson. By his disobedience, the young man punished himself with the pangs of conscience. But to fix something is no longer in his power.

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