Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “Haystack”

Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “Haystack”

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In this picture we see a rural landscape. In the foreground is a large haystack. This is probably the preparation that the peasants did for the winter to feed the cattle. Around the hay we see a low fence, it seems as if it is not completed. The master drew well the weaving of this makeshift fence - you can see almost every twig.

Literally a few meters from the stack, a little behind, is a dilapidated wooden structure. It can be seen that nobody cares for the construction: the wood is wet, the roof has slanted. The building does not look like a familiar residential building. Most likely, this is a farm building, a barn located in the field. Here the peasants could store their tools for arable land.

Two figures to the left of the haystack - a man and a horse. It is immediately clear that we have before us an ordinary peasant, since he is dressed in simple clothes. A dark, almost black hat is put on his head. In the hand of the peasant holds the reins for which the horse leads. Traditionally, Serov depicts not a frisky horse, but an ordinary squat horse, which is tired of hard work in the village. The background is almost empty: in some places you can see the field, not mowed grass. In the distance, another haystack and several black birds running along the stale grass are depicted.

At first glance, there is nothing remarkable in the picture - a typical autumn day. But Serov V.A. presents us this landscape as it is seen only by a resident of a remote village. The life of a person from the heart of Russia incredibly attracted the artist. Serov did not just paint landscapes, he conveyed mood and feelings. This picture makes you feel on yourself this gloomy autumn. Before us is a gloomy, cloudy day. The sky is dark, covered by rain clouds. It seems that just a little more and a strong wind will rise, rain will begin to fall from the sky.

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