Description of the painting by Grigory Myasoedov “Congratulation of the young in the landowner's house”

Description of the painting by Grigory Myasoedov “Congratulation of the young in the landowner's house”

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The work of the great Russian artist is colorful, the presence of several images, each of which has its own peculiarity and originality. In fact, Myasoedov painted a picture that describes the way of life of the landowners. Events date back to the era of serfdom in Russia and show the usual life of landowners.

The painting depicts young people who came to receive the blessing of their master. With this step, a couple in love demonstrates respect for the landowner and a desire to conduct everything in accordance with the customs that prevailed at that time. Russian artist depict everything in an excellent manner, very clearly describing the situation in the house, minor details that brought together the whole image of the landowner's house.

Looking at the picture of this artist, you can touch the history of Russia, and even understand the relationship between peasants and landowners. Despite the tribute, the picture clearly shows that the landlord's family is kept away from the young, in order to show them their status and superiority over them. The peasants who came for the blessing of the owner do not dare to go further into the room, and look at how the lovers merged in a kiss. Everyone reacts differently to this event, the young man closed himself with a book and looks at the girl who bashfully lowered her head.

Looking at work, a lady with a light outfit rushes into the eyes, as well as a bride dressed in a red dress that was worn as a wedding. Despite the fact that the picture contains dark shades of flowers, you still feel some joy and love that is in the air. The remoteness of the ladies from the main heroes of the occasion may seem that they are behaving arrogantly, however, looking closer you can notice sincere joy for the young. The work of the artist demonstrates the foundations that have long sunk into oblivion.

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