Description of the painting by Vasily Perov “First rank”

Description of the painting by Vasily Perov “First rank”

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Popular student work First rank. The son of a deacon, promoted to college registrar, brought Vasily Perov in 1860 a rather significant award for him. The work is presented in the genre of a certain satire for newly-made officials, in which there is a special meaning, relevant to the present.

Starting to study the picture, we see an ordinary room with pictures and a clock on the wall, there are icons in the corner, a samovar is on the table. The morning bustle dilutes all this routine, because the son of a deacon received the rank of a college registrar and a tailor came with a new uniform on this occasion to carry out the fitting. The whole emphasis of the picture lies in the expression on the face of the protagonist. He stands proudly raising his head and putting his foot forward, however, Perov depicts his sock full of holes to show how fast the person changes, having received even a slight increase.

In the background, we see a mother and father who are crazy for happiness that their son has taken the right path and already imagines how a new luxurious life awaits him, the wives will have a bride from a wealthy family, high ranks and expensive gifts from subordinates. The image of the main character was taken from the author’s life, he turned out to be a neighbor’s clerk, and in the tailor depicted in the picture, the comrades recognized the tailor who sewed them at the school.

Vasily Perov clearly showed in his picture the First rank as a man who is still barefoot and tattered, very quickly began to be arrogant and feel the power of the new rank. The artist so accurately conveyed this moment of fitting, having thought through every element of the interior, that it seems that we knew the lives of the heroes before the changes in their lives and that we can already guess the future. The picture seems to come to life and turns into a story filled with existing reality.

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