Description of the painting by Alexander Gerasimov "Stalin and Voroshilov in the Kremlin"

Description of the painting by Alexander Gerasimov

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The artist Alexander Mikhailovich Gerasimov painted the painting “Stalin and Voroshilov in the Kremlin” in 1938. It was made specifically for the anniversary exhibition on the twentieth birthday of the Red Army and the Navy. The exhibit was put in the most revered place in the center of the hall.

The composition of this picture is rather concise. Voroshilov and Stalin stand on the Kremlin path against the background of Moscow streets under construction.

Both figures are depicted in the socialist release genre. Namely, it’s not exactly in the form in which they were during life, but more in an embellished form. Many of the facial features of the characters of the picture, which the artist showed, have nothing to do with the real appearance of the main characters. For example, in the life of Joseph Stalin there were smallpox, but they are not on the canvas. Gerasimov thus embodied images, and not living reality.

The ideological meaning of this work lies in the fact that the views of the main characters convey power and unshakable freedom - under the socialist labor of the people of the USSR are the government, party and the Red Army of the Soviet Union.

A wet asphalt track contrasts with the whole pathos of this plot. In addition, the officialdom of the picture visually removes. The artist deliberately brought the characters closer to simple human conditions. Rain carries not only this meaning, but also another. It means the renewal of being, which will soon lead to a new and improved future.

The picture was created to order. The task for the artist was to paint a portrait of Stalin - the leader of all peoples and the best friend for all children. But the artist decided not to stop on the idea of ​​depicting only one Stalin. Gerasimov decided to portray next to Joseph Vissarionovich the statesman Voroshilov. Not just because Gerasimov decided to take such a step. With Voroshilov he had a friendly relationship.

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