Description of Claude Monet's painting “Walking on the Rocks”

Description of Claude Monet's painting “Walking on the Rocks”

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Claude Monet refers to those artists who prefer to depict reality, and this is what the artist learned. For a long time, he embodied the dream of creating realistic paintings. The artist especially liked to write events from life that took place in the fresh air. Exactly such is the work Walk on the Cliffs, which demonstrates an amazing and exciting reality. Sea and rocks are the embodiment of depth, frantic energy and unshakable firmness of spirit.

This picture is different in that in one work different elements and phenomena are demonstrated. On the one hand, people walk, on the other, a restless attitude about their being. The artist tried to make a strong impression on people who would watch and contemplate, and in many ways he succeeded. The painting brought worldwide fame and became the property of art. In the picture, the light and shadow that illuminate the sea are correctly chosen. Looking at the artist’s work, genuine emotions and excitement arise. I want to penetrate the soul of the walkers and understand what they really think about. The rock and the sea are a symbol of courage, firmness of spirit, most likely these are the qualities the artist tried to convey to the viewer.

Looking at the picture, a person is charged with strong energy, the sincerity of nature, looks at it and does not see anything superfluous, no hidden meaning. Although, if we look at it from a different point of view, there is a sense and it is deep, it is just that each viewer decides what he can see. The beauty and power of nature is sometimes terrible power, so you need to be prepared for any trials that fate has prepared. Despite the awesome power of the sea and rocks, the picture still blows with warmth and brightness, resembles a warm and wonderful day. Flowers covered on the canvas look great and give aesthetic pleasure.

Savrasov Rasputitsa

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