Description of the painting by William Blake "The Great Red Dragon"

Description of the painting by William Blake

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The painting "Red Dragon" was written by an English artist, engraver and poet William Blake in the period from 1803 to 1810. The canvas also has other names “Red Dragon and a Woman Dressed in the Sun” and “The Great Red Dragon”. The work is done in watercolor, graphite and ink in the style of romanticism.

The plot came from chapter 12 of the Apocalypse. A woman with a wreath of twelve stars froze in fear of a huge dragon hanging over her, ready to grab and eat her baby as soon as he was born.

In this work, as in most other works of W. Blake, there is no ordinary transfer of perspective; the composition is built in accordance with his own mystical vision of the world. Most of the canvas is the grotesque body of the monster. He turned his back to the viewer, his face was not visible. Huge, powerful, muscular, full of energy, hypnotizing body, occupying most of the canvas. Sharp, well-designed wings and posture convey the readiness to rush to the victim and aggression. The dragon already plunged the moon and stars, now it is the turn of the man embodied in the woman and her unborn child.

The girl in gold lies prone. Her eyes are filled with horror, a tense body, a pose, bare legs demonstrate complete defenselessness in front of the monster. Hands folded in supplication. A woman occupies the bottom of the picture. However, the color of her clothes, pose, emotions attract attention and make her the main character.

Probably, the golden clothes symbolize martyrdom and holiness in contrast to the dark colors used to depict the body of the monster. The red rays above the head and horns of the dragon emphasize the tragedy and powerful tension.

The picture makes a grandiose, majestic impression on the viewer, makes you think about what the artist wanted to say, try on famous images to the image, and see something of your own.

The canvas is stored in the Brooklyn Museum, USA.

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