Description of the artwork by Alexander Deineka Skiers (1950)

Description of the artwork by Alexander Deineka Skiers (1950)

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Before us is a work that is a Florentine mosaic made of marble. Her pieces very accurately convey the smallest shades of flowers. Thanks to this, the picture looks holistic and when viewed from a distance it looks like a single canvas.

This work of art is characterized by structural and graphic images. All objects of the picture have clear contours. And the colors are chosen in such a way as to create good contrast with each other. These are red, blue, white and their shades. There are no soft pastel colors in the work, because the main task of the artist is to convey the determination of running skiers.

Alexander Deineka chooses for the image a straightforward plot familiar to everyone. We catch three young people skiing. These athletic people look forward with vigor and joy, their shoulders are straightened, their movements are full of energy. Proudly raised heads demonstrate the full confidence of their owners in their own abilities. Athletes fill the entire space of the canvas. Moreover, their poses are of particular interest. They are characterized by absolute parallelism of the position of the arms, legs and skis. This technique conveys the synchronism and regularity of the movements of athletes. And all these techniques meet the recommendations put forward in relation to the painting of this time.

For the post-war era, it is characteristic to invest in works of art propaganda overtones. And Alexander Deineka, as a bright representative of talented Soviet artists, did not pass this demand. The picture is perceived not only as a call to take care of your health and play sports. This is a metaphor for the unification of the Soviet people, boldly moving towards a brighter future and not seeing barriers to communism.

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