Description of Claude Monet's painting “San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk”

Description of Claude Monet's painting “San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk”

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This is one of the most representative paintings of the painter. It is characterized by orange tones, with which the artist perceived the decline of the Italian city. They stand out: water and the Cathedral of Venice. The artist himself notes that this picture differs from others in that the idea was so beautiful that he worked in a frenzy, following the sun and its reflections in the water.

One of Claude Monet’s important techniques was a perspective without depth with plans influenced by his study of Japanese records, popular among French artists. In his work, Monet uses dramatic tonal contrast, which eliminates intermediate tones, influenced by photography.

Claude Monet's picture was taken directly from the environment and his desperate inspiration. Therefore, he uses fast technique to capture light and color instantly with short strokes and paste loading. Uses pure and contrasted colors, with a flexible, bright touch that sets off his series, where he repeats the same theme at different times of the day.

In the picturesque methods of Claude Monet, the principles of creating modern painting were established. Therefore, his brush sought to exchange impressions on feelings, and not capture the story or give moral instructions to the viewer.

This is an impressionist style landscape with oil technology and canvas support. It is located at the Bridgestone Museum in Tokyo. This is one of the most representative paintings of the painter. Despite such a deep meaning of the picture, the artist still does not seek to exert pressure on the viewer and allows him to enjoy the colors and the play of light. Muted and at the same time shouting in a good sense of the word shades allow the picture to merge with the sunset and the onset of darkness. The artist depicted what had come to his head at that time, he did not want to depict what he did not feel.

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