Description of the painting by Alexander Deineka “On the construction site of new workshops”

Description of the painting by Alexander Deineka “On the construction site of new workshops”

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The picture At the construction site of the new workshops was created during the era of economic growth and industrialization of the country of the Soviets. Alexander Deineka was keen on the idea of ​​the rapid development of the state, so with all the ardor and energy he sought to convey his hopes for a bright future in this picture.

The canvas depicts two talking women against the background of an industrial building under construction. Compositionally, the picture can be divided into two parts. The left half depicts a young girl, behind whose back we see already built beams and floors of the workshop. The figure of the girl is almost weightless. A light dress, a dreamy smile and a dark background of the surface on which the young heroine stands, creates a feeling of soaring.

On the right side of the picture, the background has no color scheme. Only the figure of a working woman moving a heavy trolley fills it. The back of this plot participant is drawn with such care that it resembles Michelangelo’s works in naturalness. Soviet artist managed to convey the power of the human body. We see every strained muscle of a woman and almost physically feel the weight of her cart. The woman depicted looks very believable. It seems that a little more - and she will go beyond the boundaries of the picture and collide with the viewer.

The images of both heroines in combination with an unusual background convey the metaphor of the picture. The exposition predicts the rapid development of industry. Where there is still nothing now, after some time a workshop will certainly appear. Every day, the Soviet woman and other people of her generation work tirelessly to colorize the yet unfilled future and convey to the youth in the person of the girl the achievements of her painstaking work.

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