Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Village”

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Village”

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Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin occupies one of the most honorable places in Russian painting. He painted only landscapes, occasionally diluting them with animals and birds; The artist’s characteristic, detailed style is immediately remembered and it is already impossible to forget it. Even while studying at the Academy of Fine Arts, Ivan devoted a great place to drawing from nature, considering this a particularly important point in the work of a master of painting. The first trips to the outskirts of Petersburg and to Valaam formed the manner of the creator. Unlike most Russian artists who traveled abroad a lot and willingly, he worked mainly in Russia, in the vicinity of Petersburg. He interrupted his only trip abroad (to Germany) before the deadline, as he missed his native places.

Shishkin during his lifetime was considered the most powerful Russian landscape painter. In all his paintings, he shows an amazing knowledge of the plant world, accurately reproducing the smallest distinctive details of various trees, bushes and grasses. His canvases amaze with the perfect veracity of forms. Against the background of this thorough descriptiveness, sometimes it seems that the form appears to the detriment of color. Therefore, monochrome, black and white works of the author, etchings and engravings are especially appreciated.

The work The Village is written in pencil and white on paper. The artist again turns to his favorite plot - to paintings of Russian nature; but in this case, the presence of a person is clearly felt in the picture. Singing the vastness of his native land, with the help of minimal visual means, the creator perfectly conveys the height of the summer sky with soft cumulus clouds, and the fantasy of the rickety village buildings, and the mighty bends of trees, and the density of roadside grass. In the foreground, white geese graze in a thicket of flowers; further along the bend of the road you can see a small herd of cows chewing low grass.

The house closest to the viewer, old but strong, with a tiny window, is surrounded by crumbling thatched outbuildings. The buildings on the right seem newer and more solid. Lush trees pull their branches to the sky, strewn by bird wings. Long shadows intersecting the country road, curving into potholes and potholes. Despite the monochrome, the work perfectly conveys the feeling of Central Russian summer - the warmth spilled in the air, the rustling of leaves, the smell of the earth heated during the day.

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