Description of the painting by Marc Chagall “Vitebsk, Market Square”

Description of the painting by Marc Chagall “Vitebsk, Market Square”

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The painting "Vitebsk, Market Square" was painted by artist M. Chagall in 1917. The master of colors decided to devote the creation to his beloved city and depicted on canvas his largest market square with bright signs luring passers-by and uneven buildings.

The author of the picture used bright colors and his own unique style, writing out every element of the everyday scene that anyone can witness. There are very few people on the market square, on the left you can see the foot of a client who has gone to some institution, on the right - two buyers interested in the product. In some places, sellers are visible, but they are depicted a little blurry, which makes them a full part of the picture, like the trading shops of the square and they are a single whole.

In the center of the composition are a man and a woman. They are standing near a bright red trading tent with a contrasting blue roof and discussing something. Perhaps the topic of their conversation was the product, which should reduce the price in order to sell faster.

Both people and homes look somewhat shabby. None of the buyers and sellers have expensive clothes. The buildings are old and shabby, except for a few large houses depicted in the background.

Chagall did the work in an abstract style, making all its elements flat and the shadows very sharp. They stand out, look unnatural and mysterious, despite a clear sunny day. The same goes for gray smoke coming out of a stone pipe. The whole picture looks like a bewitching applique, under which lies something more than just an image of the market square.

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