Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “The train on the way”

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “The train on the way”

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Isaac Ilyich Levitan was born into a poor but educated Jewish family. Parents gave the child an initial home education; at thirteen, he entered the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Here his teacher was A.K. Savrasov, who conveyed to the student a love of nature and the ability to see poetry in any, even the most simple landscapes. In addition, Levitan studied with V.D. Polenov - from this creator he took the ability to transmit light and air with the help of canvas and paints. Isaac Ilyich, like no one else, was able to sincerely convey the emotionality of nature and the subtle correspondence of weather conditions to the mood of a person. Simple landscapes performed by Levitan become truly philosophical works.

The picture Train on the way shows a freight train carried away by a steam locomotive. The train moves from the depths of the picture to the viewer; this unusual angle creates a feeling of full ownership of what is happening, the so-called presence effect. The hillock along which the train moves is covered with dense green grass and is strewn with small flowers, blue and white. Under the mound on which the rails are laid - a deep ravine; telegraph poles, repeating the bend of the road, give the work completeness and a special rhythm.

In the background, the forest belt that separates the railway from the field and a small village is getting dark; the high white bell tower of the local church rises above the forest and a bright spot looms in the distance. In the blue sky a few clouds floating in pink are floating - the matter is moving towards sunset. In this period of creativity, Levitan was characterized by a rejection of small details in favor of generalization, monumentalism. The frozen nature on this canvas is diluted only with purposefully moving heavy composition; the engine releases a club of white smoke, the wheels knock, life goes on.

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