Description of the painting by Marc Chagall "Bible story"

Description of the painting by Marc Chagall

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Marc Chagall, was one of the most prolific artists of the twentieth century, whose bright, bizarre works from time to time fell into the rank of cult and put his name on a par with the most famous masters of the art world. Enjoying life on the French Riviera, Chagall never forgot about his Jewish origin, including in his work, turning to stories from the Bible.

In the spring of 1931, while searching for religious motives for creativity, Marc Chagall went to the Holy Land. There he received life experience, both spiritual and creative. He created his series of Bible stories in 1931-1939 after his trip and again resumed it twenty-five years later in 1952-56. In the first part, based on his passion for religion, consisted of 105 engravings. The second series of works consisted of 24 color lithographs illustrating Bible stories, they were published in the Paris journal Verve, and then printed separately from 1958 to 1960.

Marc Chagall took inspiration for biblical drawings not only from visiting the Holy Land. He was greatly influenced by his own childhood in Russia. The artist’s biographers claim that Chagall’s connections with the Bible were very deep, people from his own biblical world are part of his own inner life, part of the eternally living Jewish heritage.

In the drawings, Chagall conveys the struggle and triumphs of mankind. Based on his own feelings of spirituality and faith, he carefully selected scenes, which he then illustrated. Using a bright color palette, dramatic shading, and bizarre images, Chagall evokes deep emotions with his stunning lithographic works on biblical subjects.

Painting Over Eternal Peace

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