Description of the painting by Ilya Repin “Portrait of Pirogov”

Description of the painting by Ilya Repin “Portrait of Pirogov”

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This painting was painted by Repin back in 1881. Then the artist seemed to predict the imminent death of the great scientist and physician, because literally a few months after completing work on the painting, Pirogov himself was dying.

Quite recently, one hundred years have passed since the scientist's professional activities. It is impossible to convey his contribution to the development of the country in a few words, so let us begin to consider the canvas itself, which was created in spite of the tight deadlines caused by the busy and busy schedule of the scientist.

After finishing work on the painting, Repin remembered for a long time how much his ability to work and the vitality of Pirogov had captivated. He said that he could never work as fast as in the case of the great scientist. And this was caused not so much by rush as by great inspiration by that life force and energy that emanated from the great surgeon. To make it clear that these are far from empty words, we will only say that Repin needed only 3 visits of Pirogov in order for the portrait to be ready.

Examining the canvas, we immediately turn our eyes to the dark background. He beautifully highlights the surgeon's gray whiskey and a slightly reddish face. The man’s gaze immediately betrays his strong-willed and decisive character, as well as the absence of fear of any difficulties encountered in his path. The professor's lips are slightly pursed. He resolutely crossed his arms over his chest, not wanting to reveal his secrets to any of his acquaintances, frowning his forehead and lowering his eyebrows. We can see that the professor is not just stubborn, he is very hot in character, which also testifies to his temper. Despite these seemingly overly sharp and decisive features, Pirogov does not look angry or dull, on the contrary, deep wisdom and invaluable life experience pass through the whole canvas.

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