Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting Poppy Fields

Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting Poppy Fields

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1988; canvas, oil; 21 × 25; Israeli Museum.

The beauty of Vincent van Gogh’s landscape painting is beyond doubt. To convey the amazing richness of nature, the painter used bright colors, with a bold hand transferring to his canvas his amazing vision of the surrounding universe, which does not cease to amaze and captivate the audience for many generations.

Painting Poppy Fields is characterized by a bright palette of colors and a very bold compositional solution. In the foreground, luscious brilliant greenery are scattered tall towers of wheat rising to the summer skies. Dark clouds fell in the sun, and it seems that a beautiful day is about to be clouded by the rain, which the grateful earth will immediately absorb.

The background is also full of greenery - a shady forest almost merges with tall grass in the distance. However, everywhere, separating these strips of green and blue, bloody scarlet poppies are visible. Flowers, like grains of ripe pomegranate, waking up from a broken fruit, catch your eye. Their fresh charm makes the viewer feel in reality the aroma of flowering poppies, the rustle of wind swaying wheat, the smell of earth and sky before the rain.

The painting in all its glory demonstrates the mastery of the brush of a mature Van Gogh. Smears are confident, wide, clear - as if a landscape is born right at the artist’s hand to freeze forever in the splendor of the moment.

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