Description of the painting by Edward Munch "Jealousy"

Description of the painting by Edward Munch

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One of the most inexplicable feelings is jealousy, which brings only negative and negative properties. This feeling affects not only the relationship between people, but also the environment. It is these feelings that the gifted artist Munk is trying to explain and show, trying to get to the truth through philosophy. The painting depicts a whole composition, which is an incredible combination of color palette. Despite the presence of scenes and compositions, the main character of the picture, distraught from a destructive feeling, draws attention to itself. It is the devastation, destruction and negative message that the artist tries to show in his painting, which has become truly famous.

The picture is diluted with other heroes who give vividness and variety to the canvas, but it is not clear that the heroes actually exist or are a figment of the imagination of a jealous person. The presence of an incomprehensible scene, which may not be what the jealous person represents, makes you think a lot. Indeed, the pair depicted in the background shows ambiguity, and reality may be misinterpreted. Used palettes and paints help to focus on the plot of the picture and not be distracted by minor details.

The picture has a deep philosophical and hidden meaning, which makes everyone think about the power of jealousy and the harmful effects. And the unusual combination of colors creates a feeling of magical penetration into the picture to find answers to questions of interest.

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