Description of the painting by Nicholas Roerich “Pigeon Book”

Description of the painting by Nicholas Roerich “Pigeon Book”

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Roerich is one of those rare artists who tries to understand and analyze philosophical and complex issues through his works. The artist mainly focused on the description of the identity of the Russian people, to help the viewer travel back to the time of distant ancestors. His paintings help to reveal the essence and characteristics of the Slavic people.

His work “Pigeon Book” has philosophical significance and demonstrates the spiritual beginning of the Russian people. In the picture we see the image of a book in which the origin of the world is narrated. "Pigeon", that is, deep, with a deep meaning, which reflects the answers to philosophical questions. An interesting legend is associated with the book, which was reflected in the painting of Roerich. This book appeared unexpectedly, namely from the cloud, and attracted the attention of various categories. Everyone wanted to discover the secret and find out what is hidden in this book, but they were afraid, only the ruler David Evseevich was not afraid to open it. This book contained the word of God, and the essence of the creation of the world. Because the book was too heavy, King David could not read it, but the wisest ruler knew the word of God by heart. And then he revealed this truth to other residents.

In the picture, the artist depicted the same scene as described by legend - a thundercloud, and below is an open blue book that fell right in front of the cathedral. And before the opened book is an old man - King David, who conveys the philosophical meaning of the blue book to his people.

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