Description of the painting by Mikhail Larionov “Venus”

Description of the painting by Mikhail Larionov “Venus”

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Mikhail Larionov painted a picture of Venus in 1912. At that time, he was interested in the manifestations of folk art, children's drawings and art objects of ancient cultures. Therefore, archival, simplified, somewhere even infantile stylistic resources can easily be guessed in the features of the lying nude.

There are several colors in the image: bright yellow, white, details of green and bright pink, and the contours of the figure are made in reddish-brown. Venus was discharged by Larionov with a characteristic irony and smile. It is absolutely abstract, it is no longer a man, but a symbol, a diagram, although the artist tells us that there is a chest, drawn, and hair, and feather bed. In the background, sketchy creatures similar to cats are also guessed.

The authorship of Mikhail Larionov belongs to several Venus - Venus and Michael, Jewish, Katsapsky Venus, and also Turkish, Negro, etc. Each of them shocked, became the answer to those who urged the artist to renounce the avant-garde movement and return to classical art. They became symbols of the transition of Mikhail Larionov from neo-primitivism to abstractionism. Many, in particular, Alexandre Benois, believed that Larionov could still become an artist with normal behavior, but Venus served as the answer to these questions.

Despite the neglect of the feminine, the author himself had a muse and ally - he met with Natalia Goncharova in 1900, when he studied at the Moscow Institute of Painting. Husband and wife - Larionov and Goncharova - will walk side by side all the way to the avant-garde, there will be a Jack of Diamonds, and a Donkey's Tail, and the Blue Horseman.

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