Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky "Raging Sea"

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

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Aivazovsky is the most famous Russian marine painter. The sea was the true passion of the artist. He was born and raised in Feodosia, and of the 6,000 paintings he wrote in his entire life, the sea is the main character in more than half. Even when the artist wrote the plot, genre paintings - most often everyday scenes were just an excuse for writing sea waves. Surprisingly, Aivazovsky did not actually work by nature. In nature, he did only sketches of his future paintings - and subsequently painted them in a workshop.

Aivazovsky is one of the few Russian artists widely recognized abroad. The incredible realism of the natural phenomena depicted by him captivated art lovers all over the world. The author was especially successful in the translucency of waves and the movement of air masses. At home, the artist was often reproached for the repeatability and uniformity of subjects, in the exaggerated brightness and colorfulness of the paintings. But to this day, his work remains one of the best-selling and most expensive. Aivazovsky canvases are currently in the best museums in the world and are sold at auctions with record prices.

The painting of the Raging Sea depicts a banked ship ready to crash on sharp rocks; the lifeboat has already separated from the ship and is heading straight at the viewer, giving rescue to numerous passengers. The crested crests of the waves, breaking against blocks of stone, agitated seagulls flying low above the wave, dark clouds covering the sun - all this together creates a disturbing feeling in the viewer. But at the same time, the raging nature delights in its strength and pristine beauty. In the distance, through the clouds, the sun peeps slightly, giving rise to hope for peace after the storm.

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