Description of the painting by Theodore Gericault “Horse racing in Epsom”

Description of the painting by Theodore Gericault “Horse racing in Epsom”

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The painting “Horse racing in Epsom” was painted by Theodore Gericault in 1821. Its size is 92x123cm. Now it is stored in the Louvre, the greatest museum in France and the whole world.

This is one of the best and most famous creations of the French artist. A painting was written in the era of romanticism, which was reflected in its general elevated mood.

Art historians claim that Theodore Gericault had two passions - this is a love of painting and horses. He spent a lot of time both in his workshops and in the stables, studying the anatomy of animals and practicing horseback riding.

The work “Horse racing in Epsom” is a vivid confirmation of this love. The picture depicts four riders on horseback. Their movement is swift, their eyes are focused. The viewer feels a sense of speed and excitement, peering into this picture.

All riders are captured in a free jump, which allows the artist to depict horses in the most favorable perspective. Thanks to this, we can observe the aesthetic beauty of animals, their strength and strong-willed character.

The painting is divided by the artist in contrasting colors along the horizon. The meadow is covered with green lush grass. Against the background of an alarming sky, green shades, mixing with the rays of the sun, acquire an extraordinary brightness. Heavy, blue clouds hung over the riders, trying to block the sunlight. Dark tones in the picture make the viewer experience some kind of excitement while looking at this canvas.

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