Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting “Landscape with a House and a Plowman”

Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting “Landscape with a House and a Plowman”

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The painting was painted in 1889. The viewer is invited to consider the opening view not from a vertical plane, but as if from a bird's eye view, which actually distinguishes the canvas from other paintings of the artist.

In the foreground of the picture are several rural houses half hidden by the lush crowns of trees. The roof of the first house is covered with red tiles, the second house is apparently covered with yellow straw, or reeds. Consider it in more detail is not possible.

The houses are buried in verdure, a small country road leads to them from the central lower part of the picture. The village is located in a hilly area, because the artist easily outlines the surrounding meadows and fields, extending to the horizon and not giving the viewer the opportunity to look further than the creator himself wants. Actually the fields occupy the entire background of the canvas.

Between them there are clear boundaries, indicated by the artist through the play of light and shadow, as well as rare trees. A plowman is working on one of the fields. The figure of this man is barely distinguishable among the riot of colors, and yet the viewer understands that it is he. The use of bright colors and the presence of conifers does not allow us to understand exactly what time of year the artist wanted to depict. It can be both early spring and late autumn, that is, any time of the year when the presence of a plowman on the field seems most appropriate.

In the lower left corner of the picture you can see a thin line of the rivulet, on the right side of the field abut against rocky hills. The painting presented on the canvas is mundane, but at the same time bewitching and does not allow you to look away until its smallest details are written with love, written by the artist. She is truly the best of all that was created by the artist.

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