Description of the painting Pablo Picasso “Farmer”

Description of the painting Pablo Picasso “Farmer”

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The work was published in 1908 in two versions, where on one canvas a woman is depicted waist-high, and the second shows her full-length. The history of this picture tells the story of a woman whom a young 26-year-old artist met on his way. He described her as a large lady about two meters tall with massive shoulders and a wise look. Picasso saw in this woman the personification of mother Earth.

This woman was the mistress of the house where the creator stayed in August 1908. Two paintings of The Farmer and a number of drawings are dedicated to her. At one time, the heroine came to France to work, where she happened to work as a cook. After she married a local shepherd and took up the household. After the death of her husband, she had to tightly: the woman cultivated the land, kept the house in order and raised seven children. She did not have spelling and reading skills, and she spoke uncertainly in French.

Pablo Picasso saw in this woman a pristine spiritual beauty, which remained untouched by the spirit of culture. The young man called her a local attraction, which Marie-Louise Putman. Surprisingly, she never posed for the artist. He often watched mother, tried to remember the main features of her image, and then made small sketches.

The resulting work has an impressive resemblance to the original, except that the paintings are made in a geometricized style characteristic of the artist. In the surviving photograph, Madame Putman clearly shows her massive neck and rude shoulders, which has become a kind of symbol of the work of "Farmer".

The work was written during the period of the artist’s fascination with archaic art, which at first glance resembles African motifs. To date, both paintings have settled in the St. Petersburg Hermitage.

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