Description of the painting by Lev Feliksovich Lagorio “Harbor (1859)”

Description of the painting by Lev Feliksovich Lagorio “Harbor (1859)”

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This artist was an incredibly talented marine painter and landscape painter. Art critics call him a follower of Aivazovsky. His love of the sea was boundless, and this forced Lagorio to pick up a brush to depict the stunning sea expanses of the Black Sea. He traveled a lot, and having extensive knowledge, became a professor of landscape painting. He was inspired by the surrounding nature, capturing it on his beautiful canvases, full of romanticism and depth. The most important topic for the artist is the sea, which won his heart and is reflected in the brilliant works of the creator.

This picture depicts the sea exactly as Lagorio sees it. It is silver, lurking in hundreds of different shades and resembling soft velvet, splashing over the canvas. The harbor depicted in the picture seems incredibly quiet and peaceful. It evokes a sense of space and freedom, which lurks with a slightly pink horizon. The mountains covered with gray haze froze along with the water surface, which became the cradle for yachts and sailboats, frozen, as if during calm. It perfectly conveys the color gamut, its colors are bright and saturated.

The creator’s paintings have a special magnetism, capturing the eye and forcing to watch with interest every line painted by Lev Lagorio. His enthusiasm and admiration for the seascapes that come to life on the canvases and from which the freshness of the breeze is vividly felt. The breath of the waves is beautifully conveyed in various shades. The artist studied painting at the Louvre, which affected his work, endowing it with special subtlety and sensuality. In addition, he was an honorary member of the Academy of Arts. But unfortunately, the brilliant marine painter died in poverty, leaving behind dozens of stunning paintings.

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