Description of Claude Monet's painting “The Bridge in Argenteuil”

Description of Claude Monet's painting “The Bridge in Argenteuil”

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The landscape of Claude Monet Bridge in Argenteuil depicts a morning in a Parisian suburb where the artist lived for a while, wanting to distance himself from the city bustle and enjoy working in the open air. Fine art in France at the end of the 19th century underwent almost revolutionary turns, when a group of masterful artists with all their works and actions resisted the established academic practice of allowing only acceptable artists to the salons. In 1873 they managed to open their own exhibition, and in 1874, thanks to the picture of Claude Monet Impression. Sunrise receives a new direction in painting and its own name - impressionism - from the French "impression", which means impression.

And in all his works in the future, the young artist uses non-academic methods to convey the mood of nature, sunlight, unusual colors as brightly as possible. So from the picture the Bridge in Argenteu seems to blow a fresh breeze, it smells of hot leaves from the sun, the birds are chirping and the casual conversation of two passers-by on the bridge. Bright glare on the water and the reflection of the fishing boat in the foreground are made by a special technique of separate contrasting strokes on a common color background and in the same blue palette as the sky with clouds in the background of the painting.

This optical effect creates not only the impression that the landscape is full of air and light, but also emphasizes its fleetingness, the trepidation of a single moment, the moment in which branches of the bush on the shore and clouds froze for the artist, and after a second they will continue to swim and tremble in the wind. Even the lack of detail, like the incompleteness of the picture - all these techniques allowed the artist to convey the beauty of nature and the variability of a summer morning.

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