Description of the painting Vasily Surikov “The Merciful Samaritan”

Description of the painting Vasily Surikov “The Merciful Samaritan”

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The picture tells about one rather famous moment described in the Bible. He tells the story that Jesus himself told. One man walked through the desert and was caught by robbers who stripped and wounded him. Having finished what they wanted, they left him there to die. First, a man passed by a dying man, then a priest, but they just looked at the poor man and walked past him, not stopping at all. And then the Samaritan walked. He did not pass by, because there is so much human in him.

He spared neither wine nor oil to help the person recover. Then he took him on his donkey to the nearest hotel and gave money to be sheltered. The picture is written in such a way that focuses on only three characters. The empty, scorched desert behind them attracts no attention, like an orange-white sky, threatening with intense heat. The sky is darkening towards the horizon, but this does not promise the long-awaited rain. The Samaritan is dressed in white clothes, on his head is a white with a red keffiyeh ornament.

The Samaritan is not sorry for the white robes; he calmly holds a dying man in his arms. The clothes are spread out and behind him on the sand. Haggard, with his head uncovered, the person lying in front of him is conscious of his last strength. He is so thin that you can easily count all the bones in his body. In his face one can read doom and humility to fate. A Samaritan reaches out to a black slave, waiting for wine or oil to pour into his palm. He sincerely wants to help. And in the distance is a loaded donkey waiting for its owners.

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