Description of the painting Bartolomeo Murillo "Madonna"

Description of the painting Bartolomeo Murillo

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The paintings of this artist caused general delight and surprise among his contemporaries, because his paintings differed not only in bold images, but also in the beauty of lines and selected subjects. Having learned in a fairly short time, he began to paint to order. And after a short time, his paintings appeared in many houses and churches. Murillo often painted Madonna, her face in many paintings was similar to others according to the canons. But the eyes in each picture were different. For customers of paintings, this was not important, but the physiognomy of each Madonna he wrote changed quite a lot. Therefore, each of his paintings was radically different from the rest, while respecting the canons and general similarity.

In this picture, the Madonna is depicted sitting on a bench or a similar dark dais. Nothing is visible behind the central characters, everything is painted in dark brown. A warm glow is clearly visible around the baby’s head, and his faces and Madonna are peaceful, a calm look right in front of him creates the illusion that they are looking directly at the viewer. The whole picture is painted in warm colors. Her dark hair is tucked under a headscarf or similar headpiece.

She is dressed in a traditional robe for this image: a pale red dress, and a blue cloak or plaid with a bright red lining is thrown on her legs. The baby in her arms is naked, stands on her knees and rests on the Mother of God with her right hand. A woman supports him, a white sheet freely flows in her hand, into which she most recently wrapped her baby.

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