Description of the painting by Sergey Zaryanko “Portrait of Vorontsova”

Description of the painting by Sergey Zaryanko “Portrait of Vorontsova”

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The main place in the artistic work of S. Zaryanko was occupied by portraiture. He usually painted his contemporaries in a particularly realistic manner. When you look at the artist’s works, the feeling of contemplation of a picture disappears. We see real people, with their gleam in their eyes or slight sadness, with their unique features and subtle nuances of emotions. With the same skill, Zaryanko painted a portrait of Princess Vorontsova.

Mrs. M.V. Vorontsova was close to the court; she belonged to a noble family along the lines of her father. According to evidence, she got married three times. She made friends with members of the royal family, namely with Maria Nikolaevna.

Zaryanko depicted a portrait of Vorontsova in 1851. A young woman is sitting on an ottoman. There are no jewelry on the model’s body. But a skillful hairstyle and an exquisite white dress make up for this shortcoming. Vorontsova's face is beautiful, with a healthy glow, thoughtful. The brown eyes are directed off into the distance. Their natural shine attracts and revitalizes the whole image.

The painter emphasized the smallest details of the heroine’s clothes, her hairstyle. Vorontsova’s pearl dress with finest lace looks extremely attractive. The light incident from the front is softly reflected on the fabric. On a blank black background, the portrait of the princess looks even more expressive and brighter.

The arms, shoulders and other exposed areas of the heroine's body are painted with amazing naturalism. The epithet "photographic accuracy" is best suited to Zaryanko's paintings. We see a lively beautiful woman, with a magnificent smart look and soft romantic features.

In the portrait of Vorontsova, the manner of Venetian painting is traced. The author of the painting perfectly recreated the look of his contemporary, paying attention to the external special features and her state of mind. You can admire the beautiful portrait of the Princess in the Tretyakov Gallery.

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