Description of the painting by Vasily Perov “Self-portrait”

Description of the painting by Vasily Perov “Self-portrait”

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The year in which this self-portrait was written turned out to be very difficult for the artist in all respects. On the one hand, he lost his wife, she died, leaving children with him. It was a real blow for him. On the other hand, this year was very fruitful for his career as an artist. At that moment, he had a rather successful and creative work that could allow him to participate in the public life of the country. He was approved as a professor at the school, which allowed him to feel recognized.

In the picture, he portrayed himself as an adult and stately man of thirty-seven years old, his confident gaze is fixed precisely on the viewer, he looks penetratingly and calmly. His whole appearance suggests that he is confident in himself and has achieved considerable success in life. This is one of the best periods in the artist’s creative life and he was aware of this both in life and in the picture. Its role in art is difficult to overestimate. The color scheme of the picture is quite dark, but these colors are quite warm. He is depicted in a half-turn, and behind him everything is shaded with a dark color that brightens closer to his head.

Perov's portrait has a long and even thick bushy beard of black color, hair of the same color. The hair is depicted in a light mess and the first bald patches are already visible. He is depicted in a warm jacket, possibly made of velvet or other thick material with a collar and lapels. A white shirt is visible under the jacket. On the right hand, which also fell into the image, there is a ring confirming that he is married. This can be recognized as a kind of tribute to his wife.

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