Description of the painting by Yuri Raksha “Seeing off the militia”

Description of the painting by Yuri Raksha “Seeing off the militia”

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Yuri Mikhailovich Raksha gave great respect to historical canvases, among his works the most famous are “Kulikovo Field”, “Blessing for the Battle”, “Seeing the Militia”. The picturesque panel depicts all the grandeur of the moment of seeing off the warriors to the holy battle.

The defense of the Motherland has always been the supreme duty of the militia, the highest honor and the main business of life. The canvas of Yuri Mikhailovich Raksha tells about the times of the Tatar-Mongol invasion, about those glorious times in the history of Russia, when the people, militias began to rebel against Iga and set an example to the rest of the principalities and peoples.

The lined militia says goodbye to their loved ones, gathers with courage on their difficult campaign against the enemy invaders, women, old people and children - all who cannot help their heroes go out to say goodbye to their loved ones, give them parting words, bless them to fight. On the right side of the panel, you can see a long series of those who gathered in battle, like a never-ending river, militias stretch from the city walls. The townspeople, the thousand commanders and ordinary peasants - all, not swinging away, gathered to defend their native lands.

The picturesque panel is full of emotional content, the women on the right side of the picture cannot hold back their tears, beloved sisters, wives, mothers, with all their strengths, take heart to let their loved ones go on this dangerous path. On the left side we see an old priest, at whose feet warriors bow, so that he blesses them and with God's help they go to confront the enemy.

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