Description of the icon of Andrei Rublev "Annunciation"

Description of the icon of Andrei Rublev

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The icon, written on a linden board, is stored in the iconostasis of the Trinity Cathedral for many years due to the careful care of restorers, although the safety of Rublev’s work, of course, is difficult to assess as high. The plot is based on one of the central holidays of all Christians, depicting the offering of the Good News by Gabriel. The biblical scripture tells that the Archangel Gabriel had to come to earth to announce the election of the Most Holy Virgin to perform the Incarnation. On that day, the Virgin Mary learned that the fate of the entire human world was entrusted to her.

In honor of the Annunciation, Christians celebrate the holiday every year, on the seventh of April. The icon depicting this event, created by Andrei Rublev, is of great value to all believers, and, of course, for the world of art. The creation of the Annunciation dates back to 1405. The unique features of the icon are represented by such innovations of the skilled icon painter as the richness of the color palette, the transition from canonical icon painting with its unnatural, unrealistic lines and forms to softer figures, the appearance of the first emotions on the faces of saints (which was previously a rare occurrence in icon painting).

In addition, the artist’s rare manner of writing is visible by such stylistic features as the denial of crowded images, heaps of composition. Andrei Rublev was convinced that for a greater emotional response of believers it is not at all necessary to pile up the plot with a large number of details, on the contrary, so that the biblical writing does not change its essence, it is necessary to make the plot as transparent as possible. The iconostasis is a large structure, which, according to the artist, should be read from afar. Thus, each believer, entering the Orthodox church, must understand what the icons are telling about, what stories are based on them.

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