Description of the painting by Titian "Madonna Pesaro"

Description of the painting by Titian

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The greatest artist of the 16th century of Italian origin, Titian Vecellio, better known simply as Titian, had a truly huge lifetime fame: the most senior persons, both secular and spiritual, ordered him paintings, paying incredible fees. What can I say, when he was still a teenager he was considered the best Venetian painter.

Looking even at this one picture, you can understand why he was so loved and respected. After all, the “Madonna”, which determined Titian’s own style, is truly grandiose! It was written for the part of the altar, where, in fact, it is now located in the altar composition of the greatest cathedral of Venice.

We see the apostle-evangelist Peter interrupting the reading of the Gospel, laying his hand at the stopping place, with the noble purpose of introducing the Most Holy to the Bishop Pesaro (in black, on his knees) and his family. The monk whispering to the Baby that the bishop is in front of Him is Saint Francis. Behind him stands St. Anthony. Under these two saints, the brothers of the bishop and his son Leonardo pray (looks at the viewer).

Near the Apostle Peter stands a warrior holding a flag with the emblem of one of the Roman popes, and saying something terribly to a Turk in a turban. This moment sends us back to 1503, when the Vatican defeated the Turks in a battle at sea.

The author departed a little from the canons of the then painting, placing in the center of Peter, and not Christ and the Virgin. But the arrangement of other characters, coupled with the light play of shadows and colors, still concentrates the viewer's attention on divine personalities, especially since they are next to columns rising up to the sky, which makes the space wider.

Finally, it should be said about the amazing play of colors: despite the fact that there are a lot of them, from dark to bright, the picture is not made elaborate and impartial, but, on the contrary, attracts the viewer. This, incidentally, is another distinguishing feature of Titian, who is able to masterfully play with light and color.

Black Square And Red Square

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