Description of the painting by Alexander Samokhvalov “Girl in a T-shirt”

Description of the painting by Alexander Samokhvalov “Girl in a T-shirt”

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Samokhvalov, a famous artist of the Soviet period, created many outstanding works. One of the most famous paintings in his collection was “Girl in a T-shirt”. The canvas of 1932 received rave reviews from critics. Until now, this work, amazing in skill and design, from the past era has attracted viewers.

On canvas, the figure and face of the girl, Evgenia Adamova, is depicted in close-up. The author chose the young wife of a party worker as an excellent example of advanced Soviet man. It is known that the girl was a school teacher. But looking at the portrait, you can learn a lot more about this man.

The t-shirt on the body is a symbol of modernity. A black and white longitudinal stripe t-shirt seems inexpensive, concise. The rapid turn of the model’s body, the expression of her fair face is more attractive. The gaze of blue eyes is confident, unshakable, ready for decisive action. Facial features are typically Russian, harmonious, calm. Short-cut hair slightly pulled back gives the portrait additional dynamism.

Samokhvalov sought to capture the perfect female image of a bold, open to new, ready for work and feat of the Komsomol member. The result was a portrait with a strikingly beautiful combination of lyricism and heroism.

“Girl in a T-shirt” has become a symbol of the USSR. She was even called the “Soviet Gioconda” - the picture became so popular. Now this canvas recalls the past, its best side. It gives a positive charge of mood.

In this picture, hope and spiritual strength, purity of moral character and unflappable determination, honor and courage. The technique of writing the work is bold in scope and monumentality. The best features of Soviet man are reflected in the portrait of a sports girl in the prime of life.

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