Description of the Soviet poster “Glory to Soviet Science”

Description of the Soviet poster “Glory to Soviet Science”

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Soviet posters are part of the history of a great power. They carried propaganda slogans to the masses, which called people to action, moral and physical development.

Posters were issued on various topics. Each plot was thoroughly thought out and had a deep meaning.

Yes, times have changed, but even now, in different parts of our vast country, we can see slogans that have long faded on the walls of buildings. One of such very proud Soviet posters is "Glory to science of conscience."

He did not leave anyone indifferent, he touches the strings of the soul now. The plot was created in 1957. Indeed, in this sky-colored figure, the first satellite is depicted. And he was just ours.

The satellite flew into space, opening the curtains of endless mystery, and a new era of space technology. We are proud of our country and now, celebrating holidays dedicated to great events. More than half a century after the creation of the poster “Glory to Soviet Science”, we also remember the cosmic achievements of our country.

The poster has become a powerful propaganda of Soviet science, our power. The first satellite is decorated with a red star, as a bright symbol of that era. Also on the poster is the phrase of our famous scientist Tsiolkovsky. The great scientist worked for the development of the Soviet state. Therefore, his phrase proudly adorned the lower left corner of this memorable symbol of that era.

Every citizen of a great power could see such posters throughout the country. They reminded of a great event, leaving in the soul an eternal trace of pride to the people of that era. Indeed, there was much to be proud of.

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