Description of Willem Head’s painting “Still Life”

Description of Willem Head’s painting “Still Life”

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Interestingly, Kheda - the creator of amazing paintings with still lifes, first tried his hand at portraits and subjects on religious topics. Only much later he settled on writing still lifes, where he became famous as a great master.

You can see that on the canvases of this painter there are the same objects, only slightly rearranged or diluted by certain innovations. Why is this happening? The explanation is simple. Kheda was a representative of the time when not everyone could speak openly, so some signs had flower buds, the color of clothes, and even certain poses.

Of course, the paintings also knew how to "speak." For example, ham on the table signified joys of feelings, dishes made of silver expressed prosperity and wealth, an extinct candle signified someone's life extinguished, and lemon was an indispensable sign of freshness and beauty, seasoned with a hint of bitterness.

Head still lifes can be read like notes. The disorder reflects a certain confusion in life. A bright tablecloth made of thin, rich material should be impeccably smooth and clean, as, ideally, our life, however, no one has yet managed to boast of such impeccability.

Very often, instead of a smooth canvas, creases, bruises, spots occur, and there are huge folds. And even then - the whole "tablecloth" of life is curled up and there is no time to straighten it at all. Silver utensils are tall and noble, but the goblet with wine fell on its side, probably also for a reason.

But the full glass remained standing, shining with rounded sides. Of course, at any celebration of life there is its own “lemon”, here it is written brightly, it stands out with a juicy stain, however, it has already been tried, the incised skin dangling dullly from the table. Lemon is no longer needed.

Head's favorite brown tones give the whole still life a peculiar warmth. Even the mess here looks sophisticated and elegant.

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