Description of Valentin Serov's painting “Flowers”

Description of Valentin Serov's painting “Flowers”

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Valentin Serov was an unusually gifted artist. He painted marvelous portraits; he miraculously succeeded in landscapes, animals, flowers - everything that inspired him was lightly reflected in his canvases.

As a delicate landscape painter, Serov could not be indifferent to the beauty of flowers. His painting "Flowers" was a real gift for fans of his work.

One of the artist’s favorite periods was when the lilac blossomed.

Heavy clusters open in late spring, when there are no more echoes of a cold winter, when the whole earth wakes up from heat and sun caress, when the soul freezes in anticipation of an incomprehensible happiness.

In the rainbow waves of small flowers, houses sink to the very rooftops, hiding both wealth and poverty. Generous, calm beauty fills the whole space, and it’s bitter to think that a little time will pass, and this riot of colors will fall off. I want to breathe, see enough, keep this vision.

Serov was very fond of lilacs; he managed to preserve this splendor for us. These fragrant branches are very often present in his paintings. And here in the center of the picture is depicted a lush lilac bouquet. All the splendor of modest colors tried to show Serov in this picture.

White and lilac brushes are not just table decorations, they are much more. Lilac has been living next to a person for such a long time that for every contemplator of a picture, a bouquet necessarily causes waves of surging memories. Maybe this is a cheerful childhood, and maybe a careless, distant youth. Lilacs are warm summer evenings, this is the first longing, this is a slight sadness, this is hope.

The picture is painted in cold, blue - lilac colors, however, a feeling of gloom does not occur at all. White highlights of light brushes, warm strokes of small flowers fill the entire canvas with airiness, purity and light. There is a feeling of the coming morning, morning of the day or a new life.

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