Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky "Seashore"

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

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Perhaps no one like Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky did not confess his love for the sea.

The painter was born in Feodosia and from an early age absorbed the noise of coastal waves, a game of colors, the restless nature of the sea element. In his paintings, the sea is always the main character. It lives, breathes, is angry, plays, or sleeps peacefully.

Each picture is a hymn to the sea, a reflection of another facet of marine greatness. People, ships, lighthouses are small parts that are used only to emphasize the special power and global nature of the sea.

The painting "Sea Coast" is one of the first masterpieces of the great Master. It was written in 1840, when the young Aivazovsky was sent to the Crimea for independent work. The still inexperienced painter was able to unusually talentedly convey not only the view of the vast expanse of water, but also the whole atmosphere of anxiety of the pre-storm coast.

The sea is not yet formidable, it has not yet risen up water shafts, like mountain peaks, still light waves off the coast are deceptively playful and filled with sunbeams. But lilac clouds are already too alarmingly approaching, closing off harmless, white clouds, seagulls are hovering too low and close to the shore, holding together, already too black a horizon line. And the ships are already at sea, so as not to crash against coastal stones.

Among this oppressive anxiety, the figure of a wanderer stands out vividly. He is in no hurry to hide from an approaching storm, he is not running home from a water storm, yes, it seems that he does not have a home either. He looks into the distance. What attracts him so much there? Perhaps there is his homeland, which is not visible, but she is there, and the wanderer knows for sure. Or maybe, on the contrary, he is attracted to unknown, unknown lands, where it is always warm, where people are kind and welcoming, where there are no beggars and hungry?

The life of the wanderer, most likely, was also turbulent, anxious, not calm, like this sea. This is probably why he is not afraid of the stormy sky and the gloomy expanse of water. She calls him, attracts, beckons.

One can guess about this for tens and hundreds of years, as people do, standing at the immortal masterpieces of Aivazovsky.

Composition By Painting In The Blue Expanse

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