Description of the painting by Jerome Bosch "Extraction of the stone of stupidity"

Description of the painting by Jerome Bosch

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“Extraction of the stone of stupidity" is one of Bosch's earliest works, which has survived to this day. At first glance, according to the general composition and name of the picture, the main purpose of writing is immediately understood - the motive for stupidity.

If we talk about some kind of pictorial relation, this work is still far from the pictorial understanding of the picture. You can also find a large number of anatomical errors.

I would like to say separately that the work was done in monochrome, slightly reddish shades, which is why the whole composition looks a bit dry. A difficult situation is with the landscape, which is in the background, it is stingy enough for events and poorly designed.

But the point of this picture is not that. In this case, here in the first place is precisely the semantic load on the viewer. The idea of ​​the artist is very clearly conveyed in the work, which is immediately revealed and striking.

I would like to separately note that such a Bosch format will very often be found in his other works. If we note the format of tondo, then unlike other Italian masters such as Rafael or Botticelli, in whom the circle is an ideal figure, in Bosch's understanding, the circle is the meaning of universality.

The following fact is interesting: when a master from Holland begins to enclose some image in a circle, he implies that such a case is far from the only one, but is an allegory of all people on the planet.

As for the text, which is written above and below the circle, it fully describes the situation that is depicted on the canvas. It says that in the middle of a boring landscape, there are 4 people who do not know how to find themselves here. The picture is really striking in its idea.

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