Description of the painting by Ilya Repin "Reading Girl"

Description of the painting by Ilya Repin

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Some claim that the painting depicts sister-in-law Repin. If you take a closer look at the picture, it will immediately become clear that it was from this canvas that Repin began to better convey life directly, as it is, without adding any decorations.

In the middle of the canvas is a young girl in a voluminous black dress with long sleeves. The dress is poorly decorated, with some simple cuffs and a collar made of linen. The dress no longer has any additional details and decorations, in addition to a brooch in the chest area or a large button, which is barely noticeable in the picture.

Turning now to the very image of the girl, she is quite beautiful and has gorgeous curly long hair of red color with a golden sheen. The hair seems to shine and seem even more voluminous, due to the fact that the light source is behind the sitting woman.

The main character of the picture was able to sit in an easy chair with a high back of a rounded type and upholstery in velvet. The canvas has a neutral background, which is made of very sweeping strokes. The dress has very prominently pleated folds that are simultaneously highlighted on the side and back.

Thanks to this technique, the silhouette of the girl looks voluminous, and not flat. Also worth noting is the girl’s face, which has become even more expressive and embossed, relative to the background.

The girl enthusiastically reads a letter whose envelope is torn and lies on her lap. The letter seems to gleam light on her face. In turn, the girl reads the letter so enthusiastically that she opened her mouth a little. But the secret of this canvas is different.

Initially, it may seem that the girl is holding the letter with both hands, but in fact, the second hand is not hers because of the chair. And thanks to this, the calm plot acquires a certain intrigue.

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