Description of the painting by Hans Holbein "Self Portrait"

Description of the painting by Hans Holbein

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The artist creates a small self-portrait. At the same time, he uses avaricious means. It is to them that he resorts more and more often in his work.

Traditionally, Holbein portrayed his models on a completely neutral background. But here he makes it golden to recall the Middle Ages. In those days, this color was a symbol of heaven. This technique allows you to translate the image into a certain elevated plan.

Holbein most clearly conveys every detail of his appearance. His face is a little wide, his eyes are slightly mowed, his fluffy beard has a small length.

The look impresses with a special focus. We see that they show an incredibly sincere interest in everything that happens. But at the same time, only that person who is used to looking at everything from an incredibly wide angle can watch it. It is so typical to look at the world as a real artist. A close look allows you to cover the whole panorama very widely.

Holbein portrays himself in a half-turn. But at the same time, the viewer feels the inquisitive look of his wise dark eyes. The correct facial features and tightly pressed lips tell us that the painter is a strong-willed person. You can feel his wisdom and a special view of the world.

The painter skillfully uses flowers. The strokes of his hands strike with special expressiveness. Shades of brown and blue create a special harmony. Holbein writes an incredibly lively portrait. It seems, one more moment, and the artist smiles at the audience or says something.

Before us is the masterful work of a portrait painter. Before writing each picture, the artist first watched the model. Moreover, he sought to highlight the main character traits of man. As a result, he gave a very accurate and necessarily complete description. In the same way, he works on his self-portrait. As a result, he manages to notice the main features of his character and portray them.

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