Description of lithograph by Marc Chagall "Holiday"

Description of lithograph by Marc Chagall

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Before us is a lithograph created in the technique of primitivism characteristic of Chagall.

To understand the meaning of this work, it is worth realizing the meaning of the artist’s work as a whole. In the lines and colors of Chagall, a whole stream of pure lyrics shines through. This is a real poem in which all the events that took place in the artist’s life, visions, folklore motifs and his own vision of the world are interwoven.

That is why each of his paintings is so unusual. In his creations, the features of living reality are completely preserved, but at the same time the painter creates symbolic images.

In the art of the painter, one can see something in common that makes him related to the magic of a traditional fairy tale. But the artist does not seek to lead us away from reality into the bizarre world of fiction. Chagall simply interprets reality in his own way, expressing it in symbols maximum in depth. A real mystery unfolds in his paintings. It involves almost everything real and unreal, good and evil. The art of Chagall wears a life-affirming color.

The artist depicts a holiday. The people are rejoicing. In all the details, a special mood of elation is felt. In the foreground you can see a cart with a horse. Which is a symbol of old Russia. In the middle plan, Chagall depicts the people who came here to celebrate such a joyful event together.

In the background we see soaring people with red flags. They are so happy about what is happening that high spirits prevent them from being on the ground. That is why they proudly soar above the jubilant crowd. In the very center, Chagall depicts a fabulous moon that looks impassively at everything that happens.

The world of Chagall is really special. He completely new conceptualizes the reality and in a special way passes it through his consciousness of the painter. You can consider his creation endlessly. Each time you will find new characters and something interesting.

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