Description of the painting by Pablo Picasso “The Family of Comedians”

Description of the painting by Pablo Picasso “The Family of Comedians”

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The painting "The Family of Comedians" was painted in Paris. P. Picasso lived in a dormitory, a dilapidated building. His friends loved the circus, this hobby was transmitted to the artist. The heroes of his work are circus workers, theater actors. At that time they did not earn a lot of money, and their life was more like a miserable existence.

The plot of the picture is sad. Apparently there is a separation of loved ones. Harlequin with a scarf around his neck looks sadly at a man standing across from a plump man. Most likely, the scarf symbolizes the restriction, perhaps the actor is in certain frames that oppress him. A cage suit, which so often amuses the public, on the contrary makes the image dull.

The girl looks sadly under her feet, apparently it’s hard for her to worry about these minutes. This image is inspired by P. Picasso muse, as in the picture "Girl on the Ball." The black wings of the girl overshadow her image and kind of restrict freedom. Perhaps a very high price was paid for it. The images of the young men are a little unfolded, they are estranged from farewell, they look in the direction of an excellent lady. A man in a red suit is most likely the head of the clan. His figure symbolizes success and satisfaction with life. He is talking to harlequin.

The picture tells about the personal experiences of the artist. Thus, P. Picasso shows his attitude to art as a whole. This is he in the image of a sad harlequin, with a girl by the hand, which symbolizes his muse. He turns around, says goodbye and leaves the well-fed and contented life. His scarf around his neck squeezes his throat and limits his will. He no longer likes neither security nor chic ladies. He wants to live for the sake of art, by his own rules.

The artist does not need viewers, success and the sale of works. These frameworks discourage his muse, for the creator it is unbearable. Of course, he is sad to say goodbye to everyone, but otherwise the artist simply can not. The picture conveys the difficult spiritual world of a creative person.

Artist Bogdanov-Belsky

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