Description of the painting Arseny Meshchersky "Ice drift"

Description of the painting Arseny Meshchersky

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A.I. Meshchersky later began to master painting at the Academy, he worked hard on his own and only half a century later decided to master the rules of painting. His way of working was special, he completely disagreed with the teachers. The artist did not plan to be a portrait painter, his passion was landscapes.

The painting “Ice drift” was one of the first works that was acquired only by the museum of Emperor Alexander III that opened. Of course, such an event brought fame to the artist and fame.

The painting "Ice drift" reflects the winter theme so successful by the artist. Frozen land and slightly frozen sea off the coast speaks of a harsh winter. A bright glow of sunset signals the end of the day and the beginning of a long winter night. The artist conveyed the winter evening so realistically that there is a desire to keep warm.

On the shore, frozen sea waves show the power of water, awesome and invincible. The sea is calm, in the foreground are huge boulders. A flock of seagulls is looking for profit with hope, maybe someone scared them away and they scattered from their usual places. The sky is covered with snow clouds, which with a red glow of sunset create an atmosphere of oppression.

Near the stones you can see a broken tree, which indicates a sea storm. The coastline goes far beyond the horizon, and maybe it's just the road to the lighthouse, you can see the silhouette of the tower in the distance.

Everything is covered with ice and creates a feeling of the ice kingdom. Often at such a time of the year a large number of birds in the hope of tracking their prey in the water. This is the most difficult period of wintering. In such weather conditions, ice drifts are necessary. Complete freezing of the pond can even be dangerous.

The artist realistically conveyed the atmosphere of a winter sunset by the sea. A.I. Meshchersky was able to paint landscapes best of all, precisely as a landscape painter he was very popular in St. Petersburg.

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