Description of the painting by Sergey Grigoriev “Admission to the Komsomol”

Description of the painting by Sergey Grigoriev “Admission to the Komsomol”

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The painting “Admission to the Komsomol” was written in 1949, the materials for creating the work are canvas and oil, the canvas is 143 x 202 cm in size. The genre refers to genre painting and the style to socialist realism. Currently, the painting is in the Museum of Ukrainian Fine Art in Kiev.

The painting by Sergei Alekseevich Grigoriev “Admission to the Komsomol” is a vivid example of Soviet painting, and in 1950 the artist earned the honorary title of Stalin Prize laureate for it. The canvas was printed on the pages of school books, postage stamps with this picture were created. The main thing in this picture is not so much the pictorial side as the plot, which is why the colors chosen are restrained, muffled.

The main character of the picture is a girl standing with her back to the viewer, dressed in a school uniform. We do not see the faces of the girl, while the faces of those around us are full of joy and hope. It can be assumed that the artist intentionally portrayed the girl with her back to us so that we could feel ourselves in her place. Grigoriev masterfully writes each character, faces are very expressive, everyone has a character and mood.

By the way, one of the heroes becomes one more inanimate object - a bust of Stalin, standing in the background. It cannot be said that the picture has two versions: in the first version, until the death of the leader, the bust is still present, and in the later version it is already gone. We are considering the original version of the picture. The situation is filled and even filled with solemnity and pathos.

A red tablecloth, a vase with lilies of the valley on the table, the patronizing glances of the examination committee hosting the new member, the girl’s pose stretched to the limit. The girl here appears as a kind of collective image, the personification of the young generation of that time.

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