Description of the painting Vincent Van Gogh "Lilac bush"

Description of the painting Vincent Van Gogh

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Researchers found that Van Gogh depicted one of the corners of the beautiful garden of the hospital in Saint-Remy.

At the bottom of the picture we see irises. They are found in many paintings of the artist. They surround a fairly narrow path. It is she who passes by a lilac bush, which impresses with its lush color. It occupies a central place on this canvas. In the background, you can see the fence that surrounds the garden. A dark tree trunk allows you to limit the diagonal space.

It is no coincidence that this canvas is Van Gogh's most beautiful creation. It combines bright colors with which the artist manages to convey the special charm of the south. Cold and clear shades of blue prevail. The bush acquires perfect lightness and incredible airiness. Vann Gogh is a true master who was able to convey how the leaves tremble.

The magnificence of the grass and flowers that we see in the foreground is impressive. They are written incredibly clearly and subtly. We are immersed in the magical atmosphere of a warm day, which is filled with sunshine, breathtaking aromas and fresh spring. The artist completely goes into this splendor of nature. It is possible, in this way, he wanted to forget about the suffering that was associated with his illness. The dark blue sky shows us his condition. Only it brings a certain tension to the general atmosphere of this magnificent canvas.

In this picture, a special manner of Van Gogh is felt. His brushstrokes impress with fine lines, the shapes surprise with powerful dynamics, the colors are exaggeratedly bright. The texture here is incredibly expressive. It may seem that the picture radiates joy that illuminates it from within with a special magical light. But it is in this riot of colors and the beauty of nature that one can feel the power of the artist’s emotional experiences. The viewer understands that with all the desire to go into the natural world, the disease takes its toll.

Van Gogh writes this picture a year before his death. At that time he was in a shelter for the mentally ill.

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